Professions fair for high school students

SEK-Ciudalcampo, together with Camilo José Cela University, has organized a new edition of its Careers Fair for high school students. The Fair has taken place during the current lockdown period.

Throughout the month of May, students have had the opportunity to participate in 26 orientation talks, offered by recognized professionals and SEK alumni. Areas such as medicine, neuroscience, engineering, economics, law, politics, digital transformation and media audiovisuals have been covered.

All sessions have taken place at MySEK, our school integrated platform. Through the different conferences, students have learned from highly qualified professionals how their careers could be, immediately after their academic stay in college.

In parallel to the Fair, an orientation library has been created. There, students will be able to solve any doubts they may have, when it comes to choose a career related to their real interests.

This kind of activities are essential for high school students who need, more than ever, some support to make relevant decisions about their academic future in a university.



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