SEK-Ciudalcampo gathers elite athletes in its 1st Women’s Sports Forum

SEK International School Ciudalcampo brought together elite athletes and sports journalists in its conference room on the occasion of the 1st Women’s Sports Forum, a panel discussion forum that tackled the path to gender equality for women in sport.

Among the guests at the event, which featured the journalist Dani Garrido as presenter and host, there were athletes of the likes of Maite Zúñiga, a former track athlete, 22-time Spanish and two-time Olympic finalist; Amaya Valdemoro, a former professional basketball player, winner of three WNBA rings and a participant in the Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008 Olympic Games; Miriam Gutiérrez, professional boxer, champion of Europe and the world in 2019; and Saray Garcia, player for Rayo Vallecano. Representing sports journalism were Monica Marchante and Julio Maldonado, both from the Movistar + platform.

José Javier Hombrados, Sports Director at SEK Education Group, also took part and highlighted the work of the SEK International Sports Academy, which helps student athletes to combine their studies with training and sports competitions. “Sport unites, builds and gives strength. I am proud to meet these women who embody so many sporting values, and I think it is important to listen to the stories of the athletes we have here today to absorbed their experiences and values in order to enjoy the sport much more”, said Hombrados.

Maite Zúñiga and Amaya Valdemoro spoke of their time in sports and advised young people about the effort and values that sport instils. “For me, sport is life” said Valdemoro, current commentator for the Endesa Basketball League.

Saray García advocated for “stopping discrimination against people based on their gender in sports.” Miriam Gutiérrez, for her part, revealed that “I was surprised at 14 years old, when I started boxing, that there were no men in the gym”. The boxer also spoke about the need for “a great respect between boys and girls in sports”.

Mónica Marchante wanted to encourage all girls and young women who wish to get into sports journalism, a profession traditionally reserved for men. “Things are changing, little by little, for women in sport and in society, especially in countries where there is no equality between men and women. There is still a lot of work to be done for new generations of women to break down barriers and normalise things that are not yet normal and should be”, “I really believe in the values that sport instils in you for life and to overcome difficulties”, concluded the journalist from Movistar +.

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