SEK Education Group and MAD Lions sign a collaboration agreement in the field of education and eSports

A new generation of eSports students and players will have new personal growth tools at their disposal thanks to the agreement reached between MAD Lions and SEK Education Group. Both organisations, leaders in their respective fields, have signed an agreement to take advantage of all the benefits that video games bring, educating in values such as respect, effort, sportsmanship and teamwork and while also preventing possible misuse such as a sedentary lifestyle, frustration or excessive play time.

The agreement announced today is a pioneering and innovative collaboration, the result of teamwork and months of planning that featured participation from parents, students and educators and professionals, from both SEK Education Group and of MAD LIONS, in pilot programmes. Families will have at their disposal, at SEK-Ciudalcampo, classes and termly extracurricular activities aimed at students between 10 and 15 years old. They must all have a good academic record and, in addition, the regularly practice at least one sport.

The goal is to teach children a new way to enjoy eSports, with guided learning and optimal technical training for each video game, encouraging students to develop cognitive skills, grow in values and, therefore, train as people.

The classes will incorporate key aspects to ensure the safe use of video games, with topics such as prevention and fight against cyberbullying and the regulation of time and space dedicated to video games. In addition, sessions will also stimulate development of skills and abilities such as interpersonal communication, teamwork, analysis, decision-making, leadership, stress and conflict management, resilience, competitiveness, concentration and tolerance to frustration.

For Maricruz Lagar, principal of SEK International School Ciudalcampo, “SEK Education Group once again is at the forefront of education innovation. t is a reality that many students dedicate many hours to video games, and that many times they do so individually in their homes and without any direction. Now, thanks to the agreement with MAD Lions, we offer you the educational tools to give that leisure time the added educational value”.

“The new generations need tools that allow them to accelerate their process of acquiring skills and abilities, in order to face the challenges they will face with greater guarantees. Betting on education is betting on the future. And eSports are a perfect vehicle to reach the youngest audiences,” says Jorge Schnura, president of MAD Lions. “Together with SEK Education Group, we will develop gamification and cooperative learning techniques to motivate and reward our players,” concludes Schnura.

Gamification is one of the most used tactics in the classroom, which engages students and obtains their commitment, motivation and engagement based on the proposal of academic objectives. Cooperative learning is also used alongside this approach, which bolsters team members’ sense of responsibility, inter-member support and self-confidence.

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