A guidance counsellor from SEK schools offers recommendations to successfully face the transition of  school stage in Padres y Colegios


Sofia Gigliani, counsellor and psychologist at SEK International Schools, has taken part in an article published in Padres y Colegios entitled How to Help Your Children in the Change of School Stage’ featuring suggestions on how to handle the transition to the next school stage and make it as easy as possible for children and parents.

The beginning of the school year is a time for important changes in routines, which can generate situations of unrest in families, even more so when children begin Early Childhood, Primary or Secondary school stages. “It’s fundamental to respect the rhythm of each student and avoid sudden changes. Each child has their own rhythm,” said the psychologist.

Sofia holds that patience is an ally at the beginning of Early Childhood: “The children have to learn that the parents are not abandoning them and that they will come back for to pick them up. Normally, the second or third day is worse than the first because the children already know where they are going and what they are going to do. Parents must be strong and understand that this too will pass. ”

In the case of Primary, Sofia recommends encouraging students to learn from home. She says, among other things, that parents should interact with children through reading and writing, “through games, reading before going to bed, reading with siblings”, as well as encouraging effort in all areas, “not only related to reading, mathematics or English, but with being well dressed, speaking well, being polite, respecting others, being a good classmate, etc. ”

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