SEK-Ciudalcampo, new learning spaces for Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood students at SEK-Ciudalcampo have a new Teamle@rning space this year. Designed specifically for them with help from all the educational community, and based on the Intelligent Classroom educational model, Teamle@rning Infantil is an extensive space that favours a comfortable and motivational learning environment for smaller children and is adapted to their needs and those of their teachers.

Students’ learning spaces should be adapted to the learning experiences designed by their teachers. The role of the teacher in the SEK educational model is to guide students in their learning process with active methodologies, flexible timetables, different group types, ensuring interdisciplinarity, collaborative work, fostering creativity and personal reflection.

The transformation of the learning spaces and design of the Early Childhood Teamle@rning space included the participation of secondary school and early childhood students and teachers from different stages as well as experts in design of learning spaces.

Furthermore, teachers also took a training course on managing learning spaces and group management, active methodologies, assessment, leadership, technology, cooperative work, PBL, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, multiple intelligences and conflict management.

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