Ana Isabel Iglesias gives key advice on the return to school after the holidays in a digital chat with parents as part of #MaestrosSEK

As part of the #MaestrosSEK initiative, where teachers from SEK International Schools give advice and share their opinions on different subjects related to education, SEK’s Early Childhood Coordinator, Ana Isabel Iglesias, took part in a digital chat with Internet users on “the search for happiness in young children” and addressed doubts raised by parents on the start of the school year.

The real-time digital chat gave parents and families the chance to put their questions to Ana Isabel through the SEK Education Group website and social media  with the  #MaestrosSEK hashtag. The questions raised included topics such as bolstering self-confidence in young children, the methods applied at SEK International Schools and the ‘Happiness Project’, with recommendations on making the start of the school easier and the role of discipline in educating our children.

Among her recommendations for intelligent management of emotions for the start of the school year, Ana Isabel reminded parents that ‘there is no magic formula for kids to adapt to starting school quickly or well’ she also stressed the “importance of fluid communication between the school and families” in order to ensure this stage went as smoothly as possible.

She also stressed the need for emotional intelligence programmes from the first years at school. ‘When parents are asked what they want for their child when they start school, 90% answer that they want them to be happy’, she said, and she therefore advocated for this to be tackled both in the family sphere and at school. ‘We should strive for schooling to be a journey that children enjoy, discover and make mistakes for themselves, so that school is a space for learning lessons that will serve them in later life.’

With the aim of facilitating communication between SEK families and the educational community, SEK International Schools has set up digital chats, as those held in the past with experts such as  Mercedes Blasco, Judith Canning and Sofía Gigliani, as a communications channel where parents can resolve doubts and tackle topics of interest.



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