The youth 7-a-side football team SEK-Ciudalcampo is promoted to the Regional division

The “A” youth team of C.D. SEK-Ciudalcampo concludes a great season by winning the Marbella Cup Soccer 2017 international championship, playing against FIFA-federated teams and specialist sports schools and academies.

The youth team won the top place in this tournament’s summer competition, held each year according to FIFA and RFEF rules.

A great season for the team concludes with their promotion to the Regional division in the Benjamin (youth) category of the Real Federación de Fútbol de Madrid, just one point below Atlético de Madrid.

Fernando García, the team’s trainer, highlighted the impeccable performance of the youngsters in a competition that rewards learning with a total training system through play and the technical and tactical resolution of decisions, helping students mature and become more independent.

Participation in this type of championship facilitates students’ integration in an active, healthy environment that fosters teamwork, cooperation and interaction through sports. It also promotes such values as tolerance, self-esteem, friendship, and fair play.

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