Extracurricular activities designed to suit every SEK STUDENT

SEK-Ciudalcampo enriches the various knowledge areas with a full programme of extracurricular activities that have been designed based on the principles of the SEK Educational Model.

We work with our students to develop skills that will help them confront the challenges and constant changes of the 21st century.

We offer a wide variety of activities:

  • High Achievement Arts School: High Achievement Arts Centre Dance: Classical Ballet, Spanish Dance and Funky, music.
  • Arts and Crafts Academies: Painting and Drawing
  • Sports Academies: Swimming Academy, Fundación Real Madrid Basketball Academy, SEK-Ciudalcampo Basketball Club, Football, RACE Horse-riding Academy, Jiu-Jitsu Club, Taekwondo Club, Karate Club, Mini Tennis and Mini Padel, volleyball, skating.
  • High Performance Academies: High-Performance Swimming Academy, High-Performance Tennis Academy SEK-Ciudalcampo Sports Club
  • Language School: English, Mandarin Chinese
  • Technology School: Digital Creativity Course
  • Study Club and Academic Support: Science Club, Programming Club
  • Cooking School: Educachef Cooking Club

SEK-Ciudalcampo also offers Programmes for Highly Gifted Pupils. Using the Star Programme or KNOW, which takes place in the school on Saturday mornings, different ways of thinking about things are encouraged by means of problem solving, as well as seeking to awaken interest in sciences.

Registration process:

Registration takes place in the School Office, by handing in the registration form.

Isabel Frias (isabel.frias@sek.es) is available to take care of any questions about our extra-curricula programme.

Download the extra-curricular activities programme 2018-2019