What is a gifted student?

Programa Estrella Altas Capacidades

Some types of students need special attention due to their high-achieving potential and their high cognitive abilities. These students stand out for their ability to learn to read, their sensitivity, their ability to think quickly and they have high expectations of themselves and others. It is important to detect these students and promote resources, programmes and methods that allow them to develop their capacities and abilities.

Why the SEK STELLAR programme?

The SEK STELLAR Programme is a comprehensive programme for gifted high-achievers. We have been running this programme at SEK International Schools for almost 30 years.

Our activities are designed according to the age and evolutionary development of our students as well as their educational needs. The specific educational proposals focus on:

  • Enrichment of curricular contents (extensions and curricular adaptations).
  • Acceleration, flexibility, always with the authorisation of the Spanish Ministry of Education.
  • Context enrichment.
  • The Stellar Programme aims to ensure high-achieving students develop their potential in the company of other children with the same academic talents without missing out on day-to-day interaction with their peers in the normal school environment.

Goals of the Stellar Programme for Highly Gifted Students

  • Ensure personal development and that students are able to continue to fit in at school.
  • Prevent behavioural dysfunctions and motivational problems caused finding normal curricular subjects too easy.
  • Promote cognitive development.
  • Reinforce the use of learning strategies.
  • Develop relational skills among peers.

All this is achieved through activities scheduled throughout the academic year, such as: Chess, Philosophy for children, Mind Lab, Architecture, Robotics, Creative Art, etc.

In addition, we organise school outings to carry out activities of interest.

We also offer families advice and provide monitoring and follow-up of their high-achieving children, in addition to face-to-face tutorials.

Our teachers are experts in teaching and managing high-achievers, having completed the university expert course in HIGH-ACHIEVERS, INTELLIGENCE AND NEUROPSYCHOLOGY, taught at University Camilo José Cela. In addition, our team is also advised by psychologists specialised in high-achieving students.

Every Saturday morning from 10:00 to 14:00


Stellar Programme

Stellar Programme enrolment

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SEK Education Group has a long history of high achievement schemes aimed at outstandingly bright or high-achieving students that has led to the creation, among other alternatives, of the Stellar Programme in Spain.

The new 20-21 academic year presents new learning perspectives within school and extracurricular environments. Therefore, SEK, and specifically the Stellar Programme, has launched a complementary programme of online enrichment activities with the primary goal of broadening the horizons of high achieving students in fields that may be of interest to them and that are not usually included in the curriculum.

On the other hand, it expands its geographical scope, allowing students to access from any region or country.


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